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Approximately 100 industry leaders serve on’s five industry committees: Architects, Brands/Investors, Investment, Technology and Thought Leaders. Committee members assist in setting the editorial direction of and contribute editorially.
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Bob DeVries
Global Leader
Spencer Stuart’s Hospitality & Leisure Practice
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Ann M. Fastiggi
Managing Director
RSR Partners
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Christopher Hartley
Chief Executive Officer
Global Hotel Alliance
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Greg Land
Executive Director & Global Industry Leader - Aviation, Hospitality & Travel Related Services
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Melissa Maher
Senior Vice President
Global Partner Group
Expedia, Inc.
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Jerry Noonan
Global Leader
Spencer Stuart’s Consumer Practice
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David Peckinpaugh
Maritz Global Events
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Chip Rogers
President & CEO
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Dawn Sweeney
President and Chief Executive Officer
National Restaurant Association
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Rob Torres
Managing Director for Travel
Google, Inc.
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Christine Warner
Head of Industry for Travel
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Kevin White
Vice President/Business Leader, Global Strategy and Business Development
Travel & Entertainment Industries
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